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This is a bare-bones demonstration of a First Person Shooter game. I made it show that I can makes these types of games, and no other reason. Consider it a portfolio entry. All assets were made by myself or were part of the default Unity assets. I did not use the "Standard Assets" package that can be found here: Standard Assets

To reach the end, simply shoot the targets. Red and White targets can only be destroyed by the pistol. Green and Blue targets can only be destroyed by the crossbow. Shooting closer to the center will reward more points, and are tallied up in the top left corner, as well as the end screen.


  • WSAD | Movement
  • Left-Click | Fire
  • Right-Click | Aim/Zoom
  • '1' | Switch to Pistol
  • '2' | Switch to Crossbow
  • Left-Shift | Sprint
  • Left-Control | Crouch
  • 'X' | Quit
  • Escape | Settings Menu

Install instructions

Extract and Run


FPS_Skeleton_Demonstration_Linux.zip 20 MB
FPS_Skeleton_Demonstration_Windows.zip 19 MB

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